Tournament Information and Rules

General Rules:

1. The Canada Cup Tournament is a youth soccer competition organized by SC Central Soccer Club. 

2. The Tournament is sanctioned by Central Alberta Soccer Association and Alberta Soccer Association.

3. The tournament consists of female and male youth indoor teams playing in U9-U15 Tier 1/2 as defined by Alberta Soccer. 

4. The tournament shall adhere to the most current laws of the game as per ASA modified indoor rules for 7v7, 8v8, and 9v9.

a. Any situation occurring in the tournament that is not otherwise provided by these regulations shall be assessed by the tournament organizers on a case-by-case basis. Any decision or ruling made shall be considered official and final.

5. By participating in the tournament all teams, players, team officials, and bench attendants automatically undertake to:

a. Read and observe these regulations in their entirety.

b. Conduct themselves in a respectful manner which is conducive to a family event and brings credit to themselves, their clubs, governing bodies, and the sport of soccer. 

6. Tournament organizers reserve the right to hold disciplinary hearings, send disciplinary reports to governing bodies, suspend or expel teams, clubs, and/or individuals from the tournament for breaches of these regulations as well as for breaches of facility regulations. 

7. Team Eligibility:

a. Upon entry, teams must present a team roster certified by their governing body’s registrar and complete payment of registration fees by the date and time requested by the tournament organizers. 

b. There shall be no refunds to any team once payment fees have been received. In the event the tournament or a division within the tournament is cancelled, registration fees shall be refunded.

8. All divisions will be awarded medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

Game Format:

1. U9 and U11 Girls teams will play 7v7 with a size 4 ball. U11 Boys teams will play 8v8 with a size 4 ball. U13-U15 teams will play 9v9 with a size 5 ball. 25-minute halves and a 2-minute break for half time. Warmups will occur on Wriggley field at a maximum of 20 minutes prior to your game start time. No warmup will occur on or around the game fields.

2. No allowance for injury time will be allocated.

3. Teams must be fully prepared to play at the scheduled kick-off time. 

4. In order to commence a match, U9 Boys and U11 Girls require a minimum of 5 players, U11 Boys require a minimum of 6 players, and U13-U15 require a minimum of 7 players.

5. All matches organized in the round robin and non-medal placement stages of competition shall be played to regulation time only.

6. All matches organized in the playoff and /or medal stages shall be played to a decision. If at the end of regulation time, the score is drawn, penalty kicks, in accordance with the Laws of the Game, shall be used to determine a winner.

7. Where a match has been abandoned due to power failure, weather, or other exceptional circumstance, and more than 50% of the match has been played, the result at the time of abandonment shall be recorded as the final score. If less than 50% has been played, the result shall be recorded as 0-0 draw. 

8. If a team fails to appear within 10 minutes beyond the scheduled kickoff time the match shall be considered a forfeited match and they will incur a 3-0 loss. 

9. There is no limit to the number of substitutions a team can make during a match. Substitutions can only be made during a stoppage of play, at the match official’s discretion, and at the halfway line. 

10. All dressed players are eligible to participate in penalty kicks, regardless of whether they were on the field of play or on the bench at full-time. 

11. If in the opinion of the match official, a colour conflict exists between jerseys of the teams participating in a match, the home team shall be required to change jerseys. 

12. The home team is responsible for providing 2 FIFA approved balls prior to each match. 

Tie Breaking Procedures:

1. Three (3) points shall be awarded for a win and one (1) point for a draw. Standings shall be determined by total points won at the completion of the round robin stage of the tournament. 

2. In the event 2 or more teams have an equal number of points at the end of the round robin stage then the following will occur in order to determine their standing:

 a. Goal differential

 b. Head-to-Head

 c. Goals for

 d. Goals against

 e. If all is equal, will go to a coin toss


1. Any player, team official, bench attendant, or spectator ejected from a match shall immediately leave the grounds of the facility.

2. If a player is sent off their team is not reduced in numbers on the field, but the player takes no further part in the match and must move out of the technical area.

3. Any person receiving a red card will become ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game for that team. This will be a one game suspension.


1. All games will be played at The Dome Red Deer. The Dome is located at 334 Energy Way, Red Deer County.

2. Parents and spectators will be expected to pay an entrance fee as noted below:

• Single Game fee of $5 per individual

• Single game fee of $10 for a family (immediate members only living in same household)

• Weekend Pass of $10 for an individual

• Weekend Pass of $20 for a family (immediate members only living in same household)

• 65 and over (with ID) are free

3. Each team will receive Coach wristbands as needed and 1 Manager wristband for the weekend. Wristbands are to be worn for entry into The Dome. Players will need to be wearing their uniform for entry into The Dome.

SC Central Canada Cup


Red Deer Soccer Dome Enmax/Fenway 2
334 Energy Way Penhold, AB T4E 0A7
Red Deer Soccer Dome Enmax/Fenway 1
334 Energy Way Penhold, AB T4E 0A7
Red Deer Soccer Dome RSM/Finning 2
334 Energy Way Penhold, AB T4E 0A7
Red Deer Soccer Dome RSM/Finning 1
334 Energy Way Penhold, AB T4E 0A7